Watts Drainage

Watts products (formerly Ancon) have provided quality drainage solutions to the mechanical and plumbing industry since 1978. Watts “modular” component approach to drainage products revolutionized the way wholesaler’s purchased, inventoried, and shipped drains. This system has allowed the contractor to install only what the concrete pour or decking required, without having to purchase the entire pre-assembled body, collar, and strainer.

Less on-site storage and subsequent “missing parts” were eliminated by providing the contractor only what he needed!

The modular concept also provided for significant gains for the distributor in that less shelf space was required as interchangeable parts and assemblies combined to produce any number of models and options. Watts products can suit any drainage requirement on the floor, roof or deck and specialty products address residential concerns in addition to our commercial and industrial applications. Wall hydrants, fixture carriers and supports, shock absorbers, and grease and oil interceptors compliment our commercial lineup.

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