Striem (pronounced Stream)  manufactures Oil Separators, Solids Interceptors and Chemical Waste Tanksin a variety of sizes and configurations from their facility in Kansas City, USA.   All of their products are constructed from HDPE and feature an industry leading Lifetime Warranty.


Their Oil Reserve™ oil/sand separators stands alone as the most versatile in the market.  Featuring a patented Diffusion Flow™ technology, to maximize oil and sand separation, an easy to carry design, TeleGlide™ field adjustable risers,  plus optional CleanSweep™ coalescing media, the Oil Reserve™ oil/sand separators are quickly becoming the preferred choice by plumbers.


The Prospector™ series of solids interceptors are available in basket and screen style, ranging from 16 gal to 275 gal liquid capacities.  These interceptors feature an easy to carry design, TeleGlide™ field adjustable risers,  plus 3 choices in filter screens.  Also available are small 0.5 and 1.2 gal under counter models.


With the Lab Rat™ series of under-counter neutralization tanks for school labs, Lab Basin™ and NT series large capacity neutralization tanks, Striem offers a complete line of easy to install and value priced neutralizers ranging from 2 gal to 1500 gal liquid capacity.  The optional Command Center™ is the industry’s only “ready-to-use” pre-programmed audio/visual pH alarm monitoring system.


For more info see Striem’s website.