Rheem Water Heaters

Rheem has long been recognized as the leader in residential and commercial water heating.

With a broad product lineup, a dedicated customer service department and a history of innovative designs, Rheem provides distributors, designers and installers with quality products for the building and home owner. With factories in Hamilton, Ontario, Montgomery, Alabama, and Nuevo Loredo, Mexico, Rheem is poised to service and supply North American water heater needs.



Rheem’s Professional Series residential gas and electric water heaters has a proven track record for durability and reliability and the warranty to back it up! A major part of the success of the Professional Series is the fact that this unit is only sold through wholesale distributors to recognized plumbing and heating professional installers. As an enhancement to the 8 year standard warranty from the Professional Series, Rheem now offers the Protection Plus Kit, bringing the registered warranty to Ten Years!


The residential lineup includes:

  • Electric & Gas tank heaters
  • Electric & Gas tankless heaters
  • Electric Heat Pump models
  • Point of use electric heaters in 2 – 17 imperial gallon capacities
  • Solar indirect heaters and Solar heaters with electric element
  • Marathon electric heaters with limited lifetime warranty
  • Power Vent, Direct Vent, and Power Direct Vent gas models



Rheem offers one of the most extensive selections of commercial water heaters in the industry, with a wide variety of storage capacities and BTU ratings and options. A unique feature of Rheem commercial heaters is the System Sentinel, a user friendly diagnostic panel located on the side of the tank that allows the installer to check the operating components in the start- up stage. The system is also designed to allow the service technician to monitor the operation of electronic systems, electrical supply, element and valve performance, etc.


Rheem also offers Power Vent Kits for selected gas models to create a greater degree of flexibility for installation and design. Rheem can also offer an Extended Warranty Program for commercial gas and electric installations.


The commercial lineup includes:

  • Electric & Gas tank heaters
  • Tankless Gas heaters
  • Electric boosters
  • Indirect heaters
  • Insulated and Non-Insulated Storage Tanks
  • High Efficiency sealed combustion heaters
  • Marathon electric heater with the limited lifetime warranty.


For complete product offering, visit their website here.