PCL Coin Meter

The PCL Coin Meter is a sturdy, easy to install coin meter for a multitude of uses but most commonly as a coin-operated timer control for campground and resort showers. In that application, the meter can be wired to a solenoid valve that controls the hot water line. When one or more coins is dropped in the meter slot, the timing sequence begins and opens the solenoid valve for the duration of the timing. Meters can easily be configured for adjustable timing from 0.25 to 32 full minutes per coin, and can also be adjusted so that more than one coin is needed before timing starts. The meters are accumulative, so that every additional coin adds time by the pre-set amount.  Available with Loonie or Quarter activation.




Unfortunately PCL coin meters are no longer being made and we no longer have inventory of complete units.  We still have some parts available… timers, solenoids, switches, transformers.