NCI is a leading master distributor of high quality pipe, valves and fittings…

Metal Valves: Ball valves, Gate valves, Globe valves, Check valves, Butterfly valves, Fire protection valves, Plumbing valves and Specialty valves in various material to meet your specific applications

Metal Fittings: Press system, Push to Connect fittings and valves, Copper fittings, Bronze fittings, flange & nipples, Malleable iron fittings, Steel outlets & nipples, Forged steel fittings, Grooved fittings for plumbing, HVAC & industrial services

Plastic PVF: ABS DWV fittings, Push to Connect fittings, CPVC-CTS PVF, CPVC sch80, PVC sch40, PVC sch80, PP sch80 satisfy your day to day inventory and projects requirements

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